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Sofija Palurović

``Professor Stančul‘s warm and bright personality mirrors into her teaching. There is never a single dull moment during her lessons, and one truly leaves the classroom inspired and energised``

Dušan Sretović

``Since the first moment I met her, I had a feeling that she is the professor meant for me. Knowledge, energy and love. Thank you``

Nicon Mladin

``The special energy she has when teaching, combined with a lot of knowledge, experience and compassion, are things I am always looking forward to``

Petar Klasan

``Jasminka Stancul- Cernko is exceptional pianist, professor and most importantly a great human being. Her Beethovenian spirit and Mozartian clarity is inspirational and truly unique``

Tim Jančar

``Combined with her deep love and knowledge of music, these qualities make for a very passionate and inspirational teacher``

Deniz Gür

``The unique way she has encouraged me to show all the colors of my artistry on stage is one of the most important things I have earned from Prof. Stancul``

Rinnosuke Matsuno

``Prof. Stancul is always full of love, sometimes enveloping kindness, sometimes actively supporting from all directions, and helping me in finding my unique sound on the piano”

Eunjin Hwang

``Prof. Stancul is always with great, positive energy and warm heart for her students. She does everything to bring out passion and musicality inside me. There are so many things to learn from her, not only as a teacher, but also as a person.``

Wakana Katsumoto

``The encounter with the professor changed my music more vividly. Her teaching and words expand our abilities and always lead us to beautiful direction``

Hsinyu Kwan

``Professor Stančul is an outstanding pianist and artist. She is always energetic, and she has varied musical thoughts to share with me in her class. I’m glad to be one of her students``

Stjepan Gerić

„Prof. Stančul has a special energy and an even more special individualized way in which she conveys it to us. Her kindness along with her desire to impart knowledge and encourage us for the stage are the things that make her unique. It is truly an honor and a pleasure to study with her!”

Manager: Erich Arthold